JCbioJorge started studying music at the age of seven. He was taking music lessons and studying symphonic percussion, classic guitar, bass guitar and drums, which would later become his instrument of choice as he began his career as a professional musician at the age of 17. When he was 18, he started teaching in his home town Bahia Blanca.After working professionally as a teacher and sessionist of different music styles and having recorded various CD and EP’s, having gone on tours and having done clinics in the most important cities of Argentina and having been given an award “Disclosure drummer of 2002” by the “Club de bateristas argentinos”, In 2003 he got an endorsement of Medicine Man Custom Drums (USA). His years of work have given him an incomparable experience as a performer, both in the studio, and on stage, incorporating all the most recognized music such as: Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Tango, Reggae, Flamenco, Electronic, Latin, Latin Jazz, and several others. If nothing else, Jorge Cid is the ultimate embodiment of unparalled technique, talent, and versatility. In 2004 JC moved to Buenos Aires then he started his international carreer working in SouthAmerica, Europe and doing sessions for USA too. In 2007 Jorge broadened his horizons even further to include music production. Noted achievements include working with artists such as Aureliano Tango Club (gifted pioneers of Tango/Jazz fusion), guitarrist/songwriter Adriana Sica, the ever-popular reggae band Chala Rasta, his Jazz Rock Trio “The Skywalkers”, Tony Rijos(R.Arjona), Jorge Gioria, Américo Bellotto(Mel Lewis, Billy Cobhan), Liliana Parafioriti, Diosnoslibre, Zanotto, Gabriel Santecchia, Abel Rogantini, Maycown Reichembach to name a few. In 2013 he moved to Spain and now is producing music for his company “Soundwalker Project Studio”, having private students and doing clinics.  JC Endorses Bosphorus Cymbals, Ddrum Drums  and Hecos.